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p4 describe


Provides information about a changelist and the changelist's files.


p4 [g-opts] describe [ -d<flag> -s ] changelist#


p4 describe displays the details of a changelist. The output includes the changelist number, the changelist's creator, the client workspace name, the date the changelist was created, and the changelist's description. If the changelist has been submitted, the output will also include a list of affected files and the diffs of those files relative to the previous revision. If the changelist is pending, it will be flagged as such in the output. You cannot run p4 describe on the default changelist.

While running p4 describe, the server uses Perforce's internal diff subroutine. The P4DIFF variable has no effect on this command.


-s Display a shortened output that excludes the files' diffs.
-dflag Runs the diff routine with one of a subset of the standard UNIX diff flags. See the Usage Notes below for a flag listing.
g_opts See global options section.

Usage Notes

Can File Arg Use
Revision Specifier?
Can File Arg
Use Revision Range?
Access Level Required
<NA> <NA> read;
list for describe -s

Related Commands

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